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Adult Pickup Games in Salt Creek Community Park

Discussion in 'Adult Pick-Up Games' started by SDSoccer, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. SDSoccer

    SDSoccer Administrator Staff Member

    All, Every Saturday 800am at Salt Creek Community Park there are Adult Soccer Pickup games..

    2710 Otay Lakes Road
    Chula Vista, CA 91915

    DSC_0098_800x534 - Copy.JPG DSC_0100_800x534 - Copy.JPG DSC_0102_800x534.JPG DSC_0103_800x534 - Copy.JPG DSC_0104_800x534.JPG DSC_0105_800x534.JPG DSC_0106_800x534.JPG slide.JPG

  2. wbonw

    wbonw New Member

    Are there no adult leagues that play at salt creek? (currently i have to drive all the way to north park to play at the water tower)
    also any other times people play pickup? i am usually unavailable on saturday mornings.
  3. SDSoccer

    SDSoccer Administrator Staff Member

    There is an adult league at the Otay Lakes Ranch Mall
  4. Ben

    Ben New Member

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