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    The Futbol Factory

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    Good Luck the NPL WEST starts its NPLWest season today.. QUALIFYING NPL Teams get to go compete for the 2019 ENPL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP
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    very cool, my daughter would be interested..
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    Not for the faint at Heart

    wow, that is terrible..
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    FiFa 2014 Released 24SEP2013

    very cool.. Son has most of them going to add this to this Christmas list..
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    Debate: Football or soccer?

    I like Soccer better..
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    Presidio League Games @ Southwestern City College 09/15/2013

    very cool thank for posting..
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    Genoa Coach Channels inner Rambo, spies on city rivals

    Genoa coach channels inner Rambo, spies on city rivals September 15th, 2013 by Thomas Hautmann Before Sunday’s derby match against Sampdoria, a Genoa youth coach was caught spying on their city rivals’ training session in “full military attire,” leading to what might be the greatest press...
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    All, Here are the pictures of the YMCA vs WARRIORS... CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICS
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    My Son at His First Session

  11. ChulaVista

    My Son at His First Session

    Wow, they had him kicking close to 150+ balls in an hour session...
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    My Son was the First Customer of (The Futbol Factory Chula Vista)

    My Son was the First Customer of (The Futbol Factory Chula Vista, California) They gave him a surprise for his first session.. He is very happy..