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2018-2019 Albion SC B2005 South Academy Team at 2019 Nationals Cup


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The VMware Workstation software, which is used to create virtual machines, is currently the most popular. This software acts as an intermediary, facilitating communication between software and hardware to create a virtualization platform. It also manages resources and allows users to install one or more different operating systems within a primary operating system and can also set up a network connection between them. The virtual hardware integrated into all installed operating systems is consistent and provided by the host operating system. VMware Workstation, similar to VirtualBox, is the best way to learn about networking topics as well as testing and trying out all types of network software before installing and using it in a real environment.

Features of VMware Workstation software include:

Ability to install various operating systems with different versions.
Adequate and stable software speed.
Create network connections between the installed operating system and the host operating system.
Ability to share desired folders between operating systems.
Easily transfer Clipboard and all types of files between the guest and host operating system.
Supports drag and drop between operating systems.
Capture images, essentially backing up one or more states of the installed operating system, and restore it at the desired time (Snapshot).
Smooth and seamless operation of peripheral hardware such as mouse and keyboard in any operating system.
Full support for the latest versions of USB ports.

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