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Alex Makes New Friends


Staff member
The media attention hasn't been too heavy up in Glasgow so far, but the U.S. players have been doing interviews everyday and the Scottish media (like most media around the world) have found the players well-spoken, charming and interesting.

While doing some interviews in the hotel lobby, Alex Morgan spotted a few ladies have a grand time not far away, sipping tea and eating a wonderful assortment of desserts. Turned out it was the birthday of one of them and Alex decided to "crash" the party and wish her a happy birthday.

Turns out they had no idea they were in the presence of a famous female footballer, until they asked and were filled in by the media. Alex then asked if she could take a picture with them (that's a change for Baby Horse as usually it's vice-versa) and she eventually signed a few autographs and gave a few birthday hugs.

That's the U.S. team. Making friends and spreading birthday cheer all over the world.

Alex dons a party hat with some Scottish lasses to celebrate a birthday!

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