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First Training in Glasgow


Staff member
The notorious Glasgow weather reared its soggy head today for the USA's first training in the city that will host its first two Olympics matches. It never rained too hard, and while the field was a bit waterlogged, it held up well, making for some seriously fast-paced training drills and scrimmages.

Still, the players were quite drenched and muddy at the end of the 100-minute session, and they were quite happy to get a run in after not training for two days while using Monday to recover from the closed-door scrimmage against Norway last Sunday and Tuesday for travel.

It is now a week until the USA opens the Olympics against France on July 25 at Hampden Park (live on NBC Sports Network at Noon ET) and the team will train almost every day (just one day off in there).

We don't think it can come soon enough for the U.S. team, who are itching to get this tournament underway.

Someone has her game face on

Christen Press unleashes a shot that Meghan Klingenberg JUST misses

Barnie takes a shot off the gut. That's how she rolls.

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