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Happy Birthday Heather


Staff member
Today was the 34th birthday of veteran U.S. defender Heather Mitts. Seems like just yesterday she was that fresh-faced kid of out Florida via Cincinnati trying to earn her way onto the U.S. WNT, and now she is preparing for her third Olympics (she's still fresh-faced, BTW).

It is tradition that if it is someone's birthday, at the end of U.S. WNT training that day, instead of ending in a big group huddle with "One, two, three...team!" the players will change it to..."One, two, three...Happy Birthday to you..." and well, you know how the rest goes.

In a small prank today, the players did their usual "One, two, three...team!" and just started walking away. Was Mitts expecting the birthday song? We think she was, and after a few seconds of planned awkwardness, the players did oblige! She even got a special hug from Sydney Leroux (above) as the youngest U.S. player embraced one of the oldest, err...most experienced and wise.

Happy B-Day Mitzy.

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