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Meeting the Press


Staff member
On any given day with the National Team, numerous media interviews are taking place with interested journalists from the U.S. and around the world. The topics and formats vary - feature stories from the local papers of the players, radio interviews with outlets in the market of the upcoming game, profiles for national outlets ... you get the idea.

The venues where the interviews take place also change and are dependent on the schedule. Often times they are done at the field following a training session. On a day like today where there is no access at the field, special one-on-one sitdowns are done at the team hotel. We also do phone interviews, in-studio interviews and the occasional skype session.

As an example, here's a list of today's media activities:

Jurgen Klinsmann - New York Times (sit-down)
Martin Vasquez - Univision (on camera)
Matt Besler - Kansas City Star (sit-down)
Graham Zusi -Kansas City Star (sit-down)
Alejandro Bedoya - mlssoccer.com (phone interview)
Brad Davis - mlssoccer.com (phone interview)
Chris Wondolowski - ESPN radio in Houston (radio interview)
Matt Besler - ESPN radio in Houston (radio interview)

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