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Minute to Win It


Staff member
[FONT=georgia,palatino]On Wednesday night, after a serious meeting on the Olympics and team tactics, the U.S. WNT had a bit of fun, doing some competitions modeled after the game show Minute to Win It.

We can't say that the players were fantastic at the challenges, but they sure tried hard and had a lot of fun. As with any competition that breaks out on the U.S. WNT, this one got heated, but at the end, several players said they haven't laughed that hard in a long while (and no, we did not take any video. Some things just must remain unseen).

Abby Wambach tries to ge the red cup from the bottom to the top and back to the bottom. Tough one.

Heather Mitts blowing over cups with air from a balloon. She possibly set a world record in this one.

Lori Lindsey tries to get a cookie from her forehead into her mouth. Not as easy as it sounds.

Syd Leroux stacks dice on a tongue depressor. Six of 'em.

Christen Press and the Candy Elevator

The winning team!

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