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Rebels 3 vs Hotspurs USA 1


Staff member
Rebels 3 vs Hotspurs USA 1 written by: judex77

San Diego Soccer Talk presents a great and amazing match between the Rebels vs Hotspurs USA. The day is cool and every spectator is excited to watch the big horns run their tie on the field of play. Hotspurs USA is strong enough to face the challenge.

The match starts as the center referee blew his whistle. With an amazing free kick from the semi-circle of the pitch, Rebels glamour for joy as they shortly had a goal in the net. Still on the game, Hotspurs USA mounted extra pressure on the Rebels to secure their come back in the match. Finally, the first half ended in favor of the Rebels 1-0.


The second half begins and proper coordination was noticed from both teams. Just in about five minutes of play in the second half, Hotspurs USA waved the spectators for their first goal. Rebels took the lead when its libero maneuver between four hefty defenders and landed the ball into the net the second time. Hotspurs worked really hard to be in the game. However, both sides played excellently until an outstanding move that break the camel's back threw Hotspurs USA in hullaballoo giving the Rebels another goal. With normal regulation time, the match ended 3-1 in favor of the Rebels.