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Rebels Boys BU10 vs OVC


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Rebels Boys BU10 vs OVC - The Grand Finale written by: judex77

San Diego Soccer Talk welcomes you to a trivial match between Rebels boys BU10 vs OVC. This match is with great enthusiasm as the two sides prepare to rattle it hard on the pitch.


At the blast of the referee's whistle, the game threw many spectators into confusion. Rebels boys BU10 played brilliantly to maintain their stand on the pitch. However, OVC still took a lead by converting their chances into scoring the first goal of the match. Just in a few minutes to round up the first half, Rebels boys BU10 made an amazing equalizer bringing the score to 1-1 draw.


The commencement of the second half threw everybody into instant judgment for the winner. OVC was a better side, but cannot stop the brilliant moves of the Rebels boys BU10. Another beautiful opportunity from Rebels boys BU10 was converted into the net of OVC. This finally brought the score to a 2-1 lead by Rebels boys BU10.

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