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Reflections on Week One


Staff member
With the first performance fitness cycle in the books, we spoke to one veteran of the January camps and one neophyte following the final training session to get their thoughts on week one.

Brad Evans, Seattle Sounders:

"When you come into camp on a Monday, the next Monday seems like far away, but anytime you have double days time goes by faster than you think. It’s a grind, especially coming off six weeks without working with a ball. It’s a testament to the fitness staff that things went so smoothly. They did a great job of building players up and then bringing it down at the right time. They didn't overexert everybody, so now this week when we start getting into more work with the ball, people won't be dead and touches are bad. We'll be fresh and ready to go Monday."

Matt Besler, Sporting Kansas City:

"The first week was all fitness and nutrition, and a good introduction to the three weeks we are here. They wanted to build a base of fitness. The mornings were fitness activities with the ball, sprinting with our performance fitness coach Masa Sakihana, and in the afternoons we did pilates and circuit weight sessions. It’s a little bit of a shock to the system. All of the guys have been trying to train as much as possible in the offseason, but it's a lot different getting out here. Everyone brought a great attitude, and we're looking forward to next week."

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