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Role Reversal


Staff member

Omar Gonzalez and Eddie Johnson have been in these roles before
A conversation at dinner tonight reminded us that where people end up can be a lot different than where they started.

Seated next to each other at the dinner table were U-17 Residency alumni Omar Gonzalez and Eddie Johnson, and as they began reminiscing about their days in Bradenton. Omar reminded everyone that he played as a striker with the U-17s and U-20s, and didn't switch to center back until college.

EJ then threw a wrinkle in by recalling that he started out as a sweeper, playing that spot through his teenage years until a coach decided to move him to forward. At that time he wasn't sure he could do it, but as he thoughtfully remarked: "sometimes coaches see things in you that you don't see in yourself."

For the World Cup veteran and 2012 MLS Cup MVP, it seems like they ended up right where they are supposed to be ...

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