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The "Media Performance Fitness Day"


Staff member
The work that goes into performance fitness evaluations for the players is both comprehensive and sophisticated. The tests that are done are designed to evaluate everything from cardiovascular fitness to potential injury areas and dietary deficiencies. The evaluations provide valuable information on how to plan training sessions, meals, and corrective work in the gym. It's what they call "360 degree fitness." If you're a journalist, there are a wealth of things to cover in area of performance fitness. And what better way to start than to experience it yourself?

Today, several reporters did just that. For more than two hours, they were led through the same series of exercises and evaluations that the players go through, including functional movement screens, agility and speed exercises, nutritional evaluations, and even the vaunted VO2 test! The Performance Fitness Staff, led by fitness coach Masa Sakihana, trainer Jeremy Hassler and performance nutritionist Danielle Lafata, conducted the tests and provided a thorough explanation of the purpose of the exercises, the science behind them, and how the results are used to improve performance.

FOX Soccer's Rob Stone went through the paces, and afterwards had a new respect for the work of elite athletes and the professionals behind them.

"Personally, it was both humbling and educational," said Stone. "Professionally, it helped me gain a much greater understanding of how sophisticated the process is and how detailed the analysis can be in developing a plan to improve a player's overall performance. At the same time, you can appreciate the level at which these guys perform. Most fans just assume it's just about running and staying in shape. It's so much more than that."

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