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The WNT of Sherwood Forest


Staff member
Turns out, Alnwick Castle was also used in the filming of Kevin Costner's Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, which of course means the WNT players had to try their hands at archery.

As it turns out, the players were pretty good shots (except for one who shall go unnamed who failed to reach the target on her first two arrows). Now, we're not saying they were Olympic caliber, but with four years of training...?

When all was said and done, Nicole Barnhart got the highest score amongst the players. We think maybe she uses a bow and arrows to catch food at her cabin in the backwoods of Pa. (Ok, there is a grocery store not far away.)

We also got some proof that the players learned how to fly on broomsticks. See below...

Meghan, Becky and Rachel take flight in preparation for their Quidditch match

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