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Training Continues in the Northeast


Staff member

Carli Lloyd looks to elude Meghan Klingenberg

The U.S. WNT is having just one training a day, usually in the afternoon (with some weights thrown in a few days during the camp in the morning) and the players have lots of energy as they are a bit isolated here at the team hotel. That means a lot of energy at training and the excitement is building to the opening match against France on July 25, although with the peaceful surroundings, the buzz of the Olympics is yet to come.

That will surely arrive when the U.S. team arrives in Glasgow to make final preparations.

With the rain holding off (for the most part) the last few days, the training environment has been perfect -- not too hot, not too cold -- and the USA's small-sided games yesterday featured some fantastic goals, including a full volley from Carli Lloyd after she had brought the ball down off her chest, turned and blasted her shot into the upper left corner. Heather O'Reilly had a falling/flying side-volley goal as well, while Tobin Heath scored on the slickest of toe-poke lift/chips, among many other nice goals. There were also some spectacular saves from the USA's goalkeepers and defender Meghan Klingenberg cleared two balls of the goal line with athletic plays.

U.S. players warm up at the begining of training

Alex Morgan would like a ruling on that call, please.

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