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When A Delayed Flight Works in Your Favor


Staff member
Ever remember a time when you were happy for a flight to be delayed? Well, if you were running late we suppose, but otherwise usually it's just a bummer.

That wasn't the case for several members of a Lufthansa flight crew, who were dismayed yesterday when they thought the chance to get an autograph from German legend Jurgen Klinsmann had passed because of an early flight back to Frankfurt. And then a stroke of luck ...

With a lengthy delay, the excited crew camped out for almost two hours hoping to get an autograph, and instead they got much more. The ever-gracious Klinsmann posed for several photos, and then proceeded to explain to the crew about training camp, World Cup qualifying in this region, our travel schedule, and just about anything else they were interested in asking.

Jurgen always encourages people to take risks, and for this excited group of German fans it certainly paid off.

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