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  1. Shawn

    Team Sessions at the Futbol Factory

    Here are the requirements and procedure in securing your team a session: 1. There must be an agreement of 4 sessions guaranteed. 2. A maximum of 7 players guaranteed is required to reserve a day and time. 3. Team coach needs to call ahead couple of days to find out availability of day and...
  2. Shawn

    [Sep 1, 2014] Summer Camps Starts at the Futbol Factory June 16th, 2014 (Chula Vista, CA)

    The camps are for five days (9am to 1pm) and each day will be different i’e. Monday could be shooting and Tuesday could be attacking and so on. The price per individual player is $285 per week ($14.25 per hour based on a 20 hour camp). All of our instructors will be involved in all our camps...