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Happy Birthday Gabbi



U.S. defender Gabbi Miranda celebrated her birthday today and we can say without any doubt that the Azerbaijani staff at the team's hotel knows how to throw a Sweet 17. Balloons, cakes, music, sparkling confetti, the USA's "birthday party" at team dinner had it all.

The young women who play for the U.S. youth national teams miss a lot of things while on the road so its nice when the team can celebrate together.

Miranda was actually told that dinner was 15 minutes later than it was so her teammates could come early and surprise her (which sort of worked although its difficult to hide under the round hotel tables). Miranda was actually given a "doctored" up schedule that had dinner 15 minutes later and her roommate helpd in the ruse. Nice work.

Miranda's dad is actually in Azerbaijan for the matches, so he was able to give his daughter some birthday gifts, which was nice.


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