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How to Avoid and Overcome Unwanted Online Associations with Your Rare Name


New Member
How can I deal with unwanted online associations with my rare name?

I have a rare name that is not shared by many people. However, when I search for my name on the internet, I find a Pinterest account that is not mine, but has a lot of explicit and sexual content. This account appears as one of the first results when searching for my name.

I am worried that this account will damage my reputation and image, especially among potential employers, family members, friends, and others who might look me up online. I feel helpless and frustrated because I have no control over what this account posts, and I fear that their content will become even more inappropriate.

I am wondering if I should create my own account with my name to try to push down the unwanted result, or if there is any other way to deal with this situation. I need some advice or suggestions on how to handle this problem.