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New Jersey Youth Soccer Partners with AYCE to Help Instill the Values of Traditional Sports in the World of Esport

New Jersey Youth Soccer (NJYS) announced that American Youth Cooperative for Esports (AYCE) will be the state association’s Esports programming partner for 2021. AYCE has a reach of over 1 Million players.

“With over 75% of houses with at least one gamer, it is impossible to deny the allure and appeal of video games.”


“Video gaming is a permanent part of our culture and is an important part of the lives of our players of all ages,” reports AYCE.

“For some parents, that is a concern. What if we could help convert some of those gameplay hours into fun, competitive, safe play?” NJYS wants to help resolve this issue.

Esports, also known as “electronic sports,” is organized video gaming sports competition often played individually or in teams. NJYS registered players have the opportunity to join the NJYS Esports community for $20 each season (i.e. winter, spring, summer, fall) or $80 annually.

As a community member, players have access to video gaming tournaments, league play, ladder play, and 1-on-1 challenges within NJYS and other USYS State Associations.

Featured game titles for the winter season include FIFA 21, Rocket League, and Minecraft on Xbox One, PlayStation, and PC platforms. Tournament winners from New Jersey will receive a prize from one of the state association partners, such as official merchandise from Sky Blue FC or a $100 gift card for adidas products.

“We are excited to join the esports community through our partnership with AYCE,” said Ryan Foley, Manager of Communications and Strategy for NJ Youth Soccer. “While providing digital programming for our members, the partnership underscores NJ Youth Soccer’s mission of providing safe and fun soccer experiences.”

AYCE is the world’s largest coalition of organizations dedicated to safe, competitive, and fun esports competitions for more than 1 million players between the ages of 7-19. The cooperative provides player age verification and certification processes, parental involvement and engagement, and player registration compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

“There are a wide range of benefits for children who participate in measured video gaming including, cognitive development, social engagement, and the development of motor skills,” said William Dever of AYCE. “New Jersey Youth Soccer’s addition of esports programming can only help them further develop the cognitive understanding we currently pursue during their play on the grass.”

AYCE makes available a video gaming platform that is designed to mirror the current processes and functions of the state youth sport association with an emphasis on risk management.

The platform is designed by AYCE and developed and supported by GYO Score and provides a complete digital gaming environment that includes registration integrity and numerous other safeguards that can and will support many video games.

Based out of Indiana, the goal of AYCE and GYO is to ensure that children of appropriate age and all backgrounds have access to safe digital space where they can play with their peers in a fun and safe way.


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