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Opening Ceremonies - Glasgow Style


Staff member
With the U.S. WNT in Glasgow, Scotland for its first two matches of the Olympic tournament, of course the team could not attend the Opening Ceremonies in London. That didn't stop the U.S. players from enjoying the spectacle, though, as the team dressed up in their official marching outfits, marched from the team floor to the team meeting room, took a lap around the meeting room, and then settled into to watch the show projected on a big screen.

Most of the players watched most of the ceremonies together and then headed back to their rooms at a decent hour to get a good night's sleep in advance of today's huge match against Colombia.

U.S. defender Rachel Buehler gave her impressions of the opening ceremonies:

“I really liked the variety of moods they had throughout the ceremony. I enjoyed the beginning, which was more historic, going through the Industrial Revolution. The gold glowing rings were a really cool visual effect. I liked the music. They had a whole montage of different eras of music, and it made you realize how many famous British artists there are. I also thought it was really neat how they involved the Queen and they had a lot of humor in there. It was a great mix of the British culture.”

The U.S. WNT players do their own march into the...ballroom at the hotel

Amy LePeilbet and Rachel Buehler acknowledge the roars of the crowd...err..U.S. staff

Lauren Cheney can rock any outfit

Kelley O, Heather O and Heather M

Some people are just really excited to be at the Olympics

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