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Diane Scavuzzo

Right Time – Right Idea: Soccer-Specific MicroStadiums

SportLogic MicroStadiums Serves Professional, Amateur and Youth Soccer Demographics across America providing the right size stadiums to help soccer become the predominate sport.

While the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges, it has also created opportunities and has provided the time to strategically develop new paths to grow the beautiful game in America.

SportLogic, Inc. has unveiled a look into the future of youth and amateur soccer with its first conceptual MicroStadium rendering from architectural design partner Spark Creative.

A sports real estate investment company with an insider’s perspective on sport logistics, SportLogic, Inc. understands the U.S. soccer ecosystem, and clearly sees and champions the development of facilities that create community impact and educational opportunities.

“We are pleased to articulate and present our vision for the design of our unique and highly-attractive soccer-specific MicroStadiums,” said SportsLogic, Inc. CEO Marc Radow. “Our ambition is to serve a wide user base; divisions below the MLS/USL level and aimed for amateurs and youth players whose parents have so deeply invested their families in the game.”

“This market is often forgotten and we will meet this need.”

Marc Radow, CEO SportsLogic. Inc.

Seating capacities from 1,000 to 2,000 inside SportLogic MicroStadiums offer professional-level amenities to clubs across the American soccer spectrum.

The intimate seating environments at SportLogic MicroStadiums will harness the energy of the game, and the quality facilities will allow all clubs to have a professional experience, from modern-day locker rooms to ticket sales that can help amateur clubs thrive.

All playing surfaces will offer precise field dimensions and high-quality turf in an professional playing environment lighted by high-powered LEDs, and supported by roof-covered crowds entertained by their favorite players and state-of-the-art replays on the newest video scoreboards.

SportLogic, Inc. is negotiating with clubs across North America to develop MicroStadiums in local communities. Soon, gridiron lines during soccer matches will be a thing of the past. SportLogic, Inc. is erasing barriers for clubs at the foundational level; the stadium, facility and complimentary amenities will all improve mid-week training and game day experiences.

“Soccer is a community sport. We are incorporating restaurant, entertainment, merchandising, sponsorship opportunities and sports training together for the culture and a genuine pro club environment. Response from investors, sponsors, advertisers and soccer enthusiasts has been awesome. We will be operational soon. There is more demand than supply,” Radow said.

Current SportLogic MicroStadium developments range from $5-$20 million in total cost depending on location and market. All facilities are community oriented and scaled for community engagement. MicroStadium designs feature meeting rooms, offices, learning centers, social areas and food and beverage service.

“SportLogic MicroStadiums are going to capture the passion of soccer, and we want to thank Spark Creative for helping bring our vision to life,” Radow said. “There is a significant need for these types of facilities where municipalities, school districts and Park & Rec departments are missing ‘it’. We are on a major crusade to impact the soccer infrastructure in America and we welcome investment, partnership and sponsorship inquiries.”

SportLogic, Inc. was formed in 2015 and today is a sports real estate investment company with an intricate perspective on sport logistics, the U.S. soccer ecosystem, youth education, and the development of facilities that create community impact and educational opportunities.

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