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Tips and Resources for Dealing with Disturbing Calls to Your Rape Crisis Center


New Member
How to deal with abusive calls to a rape crisis center hotline?

We are a rape crisis center that provides support and counseling to survivors of sexual violence. Lately, we have been receiving frequent calls from men who pretend to be victims and masturbate to our volunteers' responses. This is extremely disturbing and demoralizing for our staff, and some of them have quit because of this. We suspect that these callers are following a script that they share online, as they use similar scenarios and phrases.

We have tried to report this to the local police, but they say that there is no evidence of a crime, since we cannot record the calls due to confidentiality reasons. We also have difficulty identifying the callers, as they use blocked or spoofed numbers. We are wondering if there is any way to trace these calls, or if there is any national or international authority that can help us stop this harassment. We are desperate for any advice or guidance on this matter.