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Visit to Alnwick Castle


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The U.S. WNT underwent its usual world championship acclimation here in the U.K., which means not much training for the first few days, but instead some relaxation and sight-seeing. As part of that, the team took a trip to the fabulous Alnwick Castle, home to the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland.

The Duke and Duchess weren't home, but the castle was spectacular and dates back about 1,000 years. The Duke's family has owned and resided there for 700 years. That's right: 700 years.

On the inside, the main buildings look more like a European mansion than a castle, although there is a dungeon!

The state rooms, art collection, and collection of ancient weapons were simply amazing, as are the famous gardens and castle grounds. The castle was a location for the filming of two Harry Potter films (see blog posts above) and the players had a great time with that, as well as strolling around and viewing the ancient buildings and artifacts.

Long story short, there just aren't enough great castles in the USA.

The Queen of the Castle...ummm...we mean Caps

How do we get over this wall?

The main interior buildings which house the state rooms. Prince Charles is staying here next week

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