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Welcome to Hampden Park


Staff member

Not everyone is in this pic. Some were still inside getting their creds...and it was starting to rain.http://sitelife.ussoccer.com/ver1.0/Content/images/store/14/9/ae7307ea-9ccb-4295-9997-29ad15970e36.Full.jpg

The U.S. WNT arrived in Glasgow on July 17 after about a four-hour drive north from its first training base in northeast England. Wasting no time, the team went straight to Hampden Park, site of its first two matches of the 2012 Olympics, to get their credentials.

When an athlete gets her Olympic credential, that pretty much means "it's on," and the WNT players were more than excited to get theirs, giving them access to all the important places they'll need to go during the games.

Becky's first Olympics!

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