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Youth Soccer Player Caleb Simmons Joins NY Red Bulls Academy

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From Playing Against Bundesliga Competition to an MLS Academy; the Journey of 14-year-old Caleb Simmons​

Talented youth soccer player joins MLS’ Red Bulls Academy

New York Red Bulls have secured the talents of Caleb Simmons, a rising star in the soccer world, for their 2009 academy class. The versatile defensive midfielder/center-back has garnered attention for his exceptional skills and unwavering dedication to the beautiful game.

Caleb’s path to the Red Bulls is filled with remarkable achievements. Following a fantastic start at International Soccer Academy’s Hertha Berlin Integrated team, Caleb’s exceptional display of talent captured the Bundesliga Academy’s keen interest.

Hertha BSC U17 Integrated Academy Team vs. Tennis Borussia Berlin U17 on 05.02.2023 in Berlin, Germany. (Moritz Eden/City Press GmbH)

This led to an invitation for Caleb to join the Bundesliga’s Hertha BSC U16s, where he not only held his own but also played a year above his age as an unofficial player. While Hertha BSC was ready to offer him an official contract, Caleb did not have an EU Passport and due to FIFA Transfer Regulations, his parents would have had to move to Germany for other reasons than his soccer opportunity or waiting until he turned 18 to officially sign with the club.

I identified Caleb 3 years ago when he played for GSD during the summer in Germany and knew right then he had a future in Soccer.

Eddie Loewen, co founder International Soccer Academy & founder GSD

“Having played for the International Soccer Academy’s Integrated team at Hertha BSC helped Caleb develop as a player and mature. I am not surprised at all that an MLS Club like Red Bulls NY signed him – and this is not the last we will hear or see of Caleb,” said Eddie Lowen Co-Founder of International Soccer Academy & Founder of Global Soccer Development (GSD).

Despite the challenges with the FIFA regulations preventing Caleb from signing with the Bundesliga club, Caleb’s positive attitude and determination opened new doors upon his return to the United States. His impact on the field caught the eye of the MLS New York Red Bulls, and the club wasted no time in recognizing the gem in their midst.

Caleb Simmons at Hertha BSC – Photo Credit: Mathias Renner/City Press GmbH
Caleb is a super talented and hard-working player with an amazing smile that lights up the room, we wish Caleb all the best and miss him in Germany!

Diane Scavuzzo, Co-Founder International Soccer Academy

The New York Red Bulls youth academy has produced several notable players who have made significant contributions to the soccer world. One standout is Tyler Adams, a dynamic midfielder who emerged from the academy and went on to represent both the New York Red Bulls and RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga. Another success story is Matt Miazga, a talented defender who rose through the ranks and eventually earned a move to Chelsea in the English Premier League. These players showcase the academy’s ability to nurture talent and provide a pathway to success at the highest levels of the sport.

MLS Academy News

The New York Red Bulls have signed another top player to their 2009 academy class.

DM/CB, Caleb Simmons
Caleb spent last season at Hertha Berlin
where he split time between their International Academy and Hertha's U16s (playing a year up) as an… pic.twitter.com/CqqxagR5ti

— Marcus Chairez (@chai_asc) February 3, 2024

Caleb’s on-field brilliance is complemented by his unyielding focus and dedication to the sport. With previous experience at the Charlotte Soccer Academy, he brings a well-rounded skill set cultivated in diverse soccer environments. At the age of 14, Caleb has been playing soccer for 11 years at a high level in the US and Europe.

We, as coaches of the International Soccer Academy, are proud to have accompanied and trained Caleb on his way to New York Red Bull,” said Daniel Felgenhauer, Head Coach of the Hertha BSC Integrated Academy. “Caleb is already very advanced for his age. He has good technical and tactical skills and is disciplined and focused. If he continues to train so intensively and pursue his goals, he has every chance of becoming a professional soccer player. We will follow his progress and wish him all the best from Germany!”

What truly distinguishes Caleb goes beyond his talent; it’s his authentic love for the sport that sets him apart. His palpable passion for the game creates a magnetic energy, drawing attention both on and off the field. In addition to his achievements on the field, Caleb remains an exemplary student at Arizona State University’s ASU Digital High School off the field.

Lissy Simmons, Caleb’s mother acknowledges International Soccer Academy’s impact, thanking the soccer organization for helping her son with his growth and development on and off the pitch.

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